Take 3

In 2007 I created a blog using a free, online blogging app. I had started traveling frequently for both work and pleasure, so I created a sort of travelogue to capture my adventures. Capturing adventures was one of the original reasons for owning a camera back in the day and I was now armed with newer technology, though still firmly in the film paradigm.

I wrote in this blog semi-frequently for a few years until I was able to integrate a Wordpress page into my website. I had a custom designed Flash website from liveBooks and when they offered a blog page that I could build with my design, I went for it. There was a link in the nav bar, it was consistent with my other pages, and it was $72 a year. Not a bad deal I thought. Unfortunately, it required its own login info that was different from my liveBooks credentials and was eventually misplaced. Sooooo……writing became relegated to a very infrequent exercise whenever I remembered the login. Besides, I was a photographer not a writer!

Fastforward to 2017…….. liveBooks was upgrading everyone from Flash sites to html templates based websites. There are lots of good reasons for this change, not the least of which is net safety. It meant that with the template I chose, I could add in pages to my site that made sense. They would all be consistent with the design and I paid one price. So instead of migrating my old site, I started over. New portfolios, new look, but (for better or worse) the same me. And a new found urge to write

And now here I am in early 2019 resurrecting a blog. I’m kind of excited about it! Well, about as excited as an old New England Yankee ever gets. I intend for it to still be a bit of a travelogue, but also a place for tossing out ideas and observations, new images, and some (hopefully) interesting stories.